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Chemical Physics Profs.
Ariya, Parisa
Barrett, Christopher
Blum, Amy
Eisenberg, Adi
Eu, Byung
Galley, William
Gilson, Denis
Kambhampati, Pat
Mittermaier, Tony
Preston, Thomas
Reven, Linda
Ronis, David
Sanctuary, Bryan
Siwick, Brad
Whitehead, M.A (Tony)
Wiseman, Paul
Chemical Physics Thematic Research Group

The research interests of the members of the chemical physics thematic grouping are diverse with groups focusing on high-end laser and NMR spectroscopies (Galley, Kambhampati, Mittermaier, Reven, Siwick), kinetics and modeling of atmospheric chemical reactions (Ariya), experimental and theoretical biophysical chemistry (Mittermaier, Ronis, Wiseman), polymers at interfaces (Eisenberg, Reven, Ronis) and statistical and quantum mechanics (Ronis, Sanctuary, Whitehead). Our grouping has developed a system for graduate education/evaluation designed to set standards while maintaining high flexibility for individual research projects. Therefore we have only 2 required courses and will assign graduate evaluation committees whose expertise is tailored to the specific research project. The role of these committees is not just to monitor the graduate student's progress, but to provide strong advisory/mentoring support for the duration of the student's graduate career.


Students are assigned a committee of 3 professors including the main supervisor. The committee members do not all have to be from the chemical physics group but should be experts in areas relevant to the students research project. For example, a student with a biophysical project may have a committee member from Biochemistry. The student evaluation will consist of:

Years 1 and 2: Course Work (see below)
Year 2: Oral Review: CHEM-688
Year 3: Oral Review: CHEM-701
Year4+: Annual, lunch-time, research seminar (no formal evaluation)


A student organized seminar series where graduate students present their annual research seminars in addition to occasional outside speakers in Chemical Physics.


There are two required courses by the theme in addition to the two general seminar courses (required in the first year):

CHEM-556 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
CHEM-593 Statistical Mechanics
CHEM-650 Seminars in Chemistry 1
CHEM-651 Seminars in Chemistry 2

The student, with the approval of his/her supervisor and the Chemical Physics group would normally take 4 additional courses relevant to his/her research project.

Below are listed some of the graduate level courses which the students of the Chem Phys members have taken in the past. This list just serves as a guide to incoming students, however the exact course selection will depend on the individual project and has to be approved by the group and the department. In addition, two new graduate level courses (Advanced Spectroscopy and Biophysical Chemistry) are planned).

CHEM-531 Chemistry of Inorganic Materials
CHEM-552 Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM-555 NMR Spectroscopy
CHEM-575 Chemical Kinetics
CHEM-585 Colloid Chemistry
ATOC-619 Advanced Atmospheric Chemistry
CHEM-646 Advanced Statistical Mechanics
CHEM-655 Advanced NMR Spectroscopy
CHEM-673 Polymers in Solutions
CHEM-674 Introductory Physical Chemistry - Polymers

Courses from other departments:

BMDE-506 Molecular Biology Techniques
PHYS-434 Optics
PHYS-352 Electromagnetic Waves
PHYS-559 Advanced Statistical Mechanics
PHYS-558 Solid State
PHYS-551 Quantum Theory
PHYS-562 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS-610 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHYS-612 Advanced Mathematical Physics I
PHYS-618 Quantum Theory of Solids
PHYS-659 Experimental Condensed Matter
ECSE-423 Fundamentals of Photonics
ECSE-533 Physical Basis of Semiconductor Devices
ECSE-571 Optoelectronic Devices



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