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Chemical Biology Profs.
Auclair, Karine
Bohle, Scott
Burns, David
Cosa, Gonzalo
Damha, Masad
Galley, William
Gleason, James
Guindon, Yvan
Lumb, Jean-Philip
Mauzeroll, Janine
Mittermaier, Tony
Moitessier, Nicolas
Ronis, David
Sleiman, Hanadi
Tsantrizos, Youla
Wiseman, Paul
Chemical Biology Thematic Research Group

The Chemical Biology Research Activity Group is engaged in a diverse range of research topics and themes which range from structural biology, enzymology, nucleic acid research and signaling pathways to biophysical chemistry of living tissues. Among the themes which unite the research being performed in this group is trying to learn new chemistry and physics from biological systems.

Current members of the Chemical Biology thematic research group include the groups of: Auclair, Bohle, Burns, Cosa, Damha, Galley, Gleason, Guindon, Lumb, Mauzeroll, Mittermaier, Moitessier, Ronis, Sleiman, Tsantrizos, Wiseman.


Overview of requirements



Given the diverse research being performed in the Chemical Biology thematic research group the course selection is by definition unique and student tailored. Each Master’s student is expected to complete 4 courses and each Doctoral student is expected to complete 5-6 courses, the identity of which will be approved by the student’s adviser and committee. Of these courses students are strongly recommended to take two of the following three courses:
CHEM-502 Advanced Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHEM-514 Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM-591 Bioinorganic Chemistry

In addition, all chemistry students in their first year must take:
CHEM-650 Seminars in Chemistry 1
CHEM-651 Seminars in Chemistry 2

Other Recommended Courses Include:
CHEM-503 Drug Design and Development 1
CHEM-504 Drug Design and Development 2
CHEM-575 Chemical Kinetics
Biochemistry of Proteins, BIOC450
CHEM-555 NMR Spectroscopy
CHEM-655 Advanced NMR Spectroscopy
CHEM-533 Small Molecule Crystallography
CHEM-552 Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM-582 Supramolecular Chemistry
CHEM-585 Colloid Chemistry
CHEM-531 Chemistry of Inorganic Materials


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